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Keep your collected rainwater safe & fresh with routine water tank cleaning

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The water tank might look good on the outside, but the inside could be vastly different

When it comes to potable water, there’s no better quality than rainwater. Owning a water tank has been very common in Australia ever since settlement, being the dryest continent on earth, it’s hardly surprising. But when it comes to keeping your water tank healthy, many tank owners neglect the need for maintaining their water tanks. It’s impossible to keep out everything from entering water tanks, so over time, all water tanks will need at the very least an inspection, and most likely a cleaning. If your water tank is due for a clean, there’s no better choice than Regional Liquid Waste, we specialise in water tank cleaning and will have the inside of your tank sparkling in no time.

Why rainwater tank cleaning is very important to maintain quality water

We’ve cleaned out several rainwater tanks over the years and discovered all sorts of things you wouldn’t believe find their way into water tanks such as snakes, birds, vermin, snails, as well as muck, mud, tree roots, and leaves. Having your tank cleaned on a regular basis will help keep these nasties out of your drinking water. Sand and silt drawn through your pump can also cause expensive damage that you could avoid if your tank were clean.
Businesses and schools that use rainwater may be required by law to keep their water up to specific standards (set by individual councils).

Signs that indicate you may need some urgent tank cleaning

If you observe any of the following, please get in touch with Regional Liquid Waste as soon as possible so that we may come out and clean your water tank. Failure to get your water tank cleaned regularly can lead to illness from ingesting the water, as well as a variety of other issues.

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Noah is a legend!!! Has been out to service our septic once and just solved a second problem we had 18mths later over the phone – on a Sunday! Lovely dude, best service. Highly recommend!


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