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Prevent blockages & avoid damages to buildings with professional grease trap cleaning

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If there’s one thing everyone knows about grease, is it’s not very pleasant. But in order to protect the environment, grease traps are a necessity for collecting greasy food solids before they enter waterways or landfill. Regional Liquid Waste will work with your business or organisation to choose the most suitable time to have the grease trap pumping completed, avoiding busy and/or inconvenient times, ensuring the service is completed properly with minimal disturbance.

Regular grease trap cleaning is very important for any business or organisation with a commercial kitchen

Every day, restaurants, huge kitchens, and other food and beverage enterprises generate a lot of grease and food solids waste. Grease traps keep solid grease and light waste particles from landfills and rivers.

Grease traps require routine maintenance, pumping, and cleaning to function correctly and avoid clogs. Business and property owners are liable to the local water authority for excess waste that is released due to poor maintenance of grease traps, to avoid fines or business interruptions, it’s recommended grease traps be regularly pumped out. Regional Liquid Waste helps businesses & organisations keep on top of their maintenance with routine grease trap cleaning.

What our grease trap cleaning service includes

Our Process

Looking after businesses and organisations for a number of years, we’ve perfected our process for grease trap cleaning, making it easy and convenient for our clients to keep up with the regular maintenance of their grease traps. Here’s a brief list of our process to give you an idea of what’s covered:

01 Enquiry, grease trap cleaning time & date scheduled
02 Arrival at premises/location, waste removal from grease trap
03 Departure from premises & waste disposed of
04 Invoice emailed or mailed to the clients for services provided
What Our Customers Say

Noah is a legend!!! Has been out to service our septic once and just solved a second problem we had 18mths later over the phone – on a Sunday! Lovely dude, best service. Highly recommend!


Annie Wild

Frequently asked questions

It is recommended to have your grease trap cleaned every 3 months. Grease trap cleaning is necessary more frequently when your kitchen, cafe, or restaurant has more business.

Your local water authority usually determines the frequency. The size of your grease trap, the size of your business, and the type of food you offer are all things to consider.

Due to the harm grease does to public sewers, the local council will reprimand you if you refuse to install or maintain your grease trap.

Knowing how to maintain a grease trap is a crucial question that can save you money if you can keep fats, oils and grease from draining in the first place. Please strive to put the following into practice at your workplace:

  • Allow grease to solidify and then throw it in the bin.
  • Clean dishes as much as possible with a paper towel or cloth and discard before washing in the sink or dishwasher (it’s frequently the minute bits that build up and cause problems)
  • Ensure that all coffee cups are cleaned with a cloth before washing and NEVER pour milk down the drain.
  • Never dump alcoholic beverages down the sink! It also harms the grease trap and sewage treatment plant’s operation.

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