Professional Septic Tank Pump Out

Maintain your homes sewage disposal system with a septic tank pump out

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Septic tank pump out’s prevent unnecessary issues with your sewage system

The last thing you want is your septic tank to block up or even worse, overflow! If it was to happen you can almost guarantee it would happen the day or night you least want it to. We’ve had emergency call outs to customers homes when they’ve been hosting parties where the final straw broke the camels back with that final flush from one of their guests, not exactly a great way to remember one’s party! To avoid untimely breakdowns with your homes sewage system, have Regional Liquid Waste take care of your routine septic tank pump out.

We make the process of septic tank cleaning, easy!

If your septic tank has to be cleaned, desludged, or pumped, we’ll make sure it gets done swiftly, cleanly, and with as little disturbance to your family or business as possible. We can detect and locate the septic tank lid and have all the equipment and knowledge to complete the job without any hassles.

What our septic tank service includes

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With years of experience, we’ve streamlined our septic tank pump out process, making it simple & convenient for our clients to have their septic tank cleaned. Although a simple process, our comprehensive service is packed full of value when compared to what others offer. Here’s a brief list of our process to give you an idea of what’s covered:

01 Enquiry, septic tank pump out time & date scheduled
02 Arrival at property/location, waste removal from septic tank
03 Departure from property & waste disposed of
04 Invoice emailed or mailed to the clients for services provided
What Our Customers Say

Noah is a legend!!! Has been out to service our septic once and just solved a second problem we had 18mths later over the phone – on a Sunday! Lovely dude, best service. Highly recommend!


Annie Wild

Frequently asked questions

The cost to empty a septic tank in Australia does vary depending on the particulars around the tank and the property, but our price range sits between $300 – $600.

It’s generally recommended having your septic tank pumped out at least once every 2-5 years, depending on how often you use it. As septic system specialists, we can work with you to establish a perfect maintenance plan that will ensure your septic tank operates ideally for years to come when we visit your site for a septic tank pump out.

  • There are a few tell-tale signs that your septic tank is full including, water puddling above the septic tank, your drains moving more slowly, bad smells coming from your septic tank and if your sewer is backed up.
  • It can cause blockages, causing costly repairs.
  • Raw sewage can overflow.
  • High sludge and scum levels may cause poor performance of the septic system.
  • Bad smells.


Your septic system will gradually accumulate a layer of solids, or ‘sludge,’ which settles at the bottom of the primary septic tank over time. The ‘scum’ that floats on top is usually made of fats, oils, and grease.

Septic pumping, often known as desludging, is the act of removing ‘sludge, ‘scum,’ and wastewater, from your septic system using a vacuum truck.

There are numerous advantages to having your septic tank cleaned or desludged regularly, including having a fully functional wastewater system that may serve your house or business for years to come, as well as avoiding costly septic tank repairs and replacements.

Get in touch to have your septic tank professionally pumped out.